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  • Beluchukwu Ogbuka
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See what we did there? Our header is an attention seeker, aimed at drawing you in with a BOLDLY WRITTEN CAPTION you can’t resist. Now let’s convert your media attention to sales. What we’ve done is to simply gained your attention by making you see what we want you to see, Tricky, right? 

Sure it is, and it’s also a bit manipulative, alright it is manipulative but effective. Consequently, it makes it easy to narrow your end users’/customers’ attention in a sea of attention seekers/rivals… most companies reading this article might probably say at this time… JUST CALL OUR NAME, lol. 

Sales media attention

Well, just so you know we are all attention seekers and that’s fine. It’s easy for a brand/company to decide they don’t need attention, honestly, we understand, owing to the fact that to draw attention you have to be flashy, financially equipped, or come up with an irresistible ad campaign, and that costs a lot. Additionally, your ad has to get people to pause, change direction and look in your direction… not easy, but not an impossible feet either. Every brand or company wants sales and sales come from having to let everyone know what you are all about – that’s a lot of work but we have you covered. 

Sales media attention

Undeniably, the media is a tool for exposure, it’s a tool that calls for you to stop what you are doing and start noticing what’s on your screen. However, what’s on your screen has to come as attractive as ever to get that reaction from people. People are moved by what they see. Research says in 2000 the average attention span of a human being was 12 seconds. Fast forward to today and that number has gone down to 8.25 seconds… that’s drastically low if you ask us. As a result, the attention of a person isn’t long enough to notice what comes next, if what has come before isn’t good enough to steal their attention. Hence the reason for not just flashy looks.

Also, the video has to have that spark, apart from the video having that spark, it needs something more and that is good storytelling, picture-perfect frames, and a lot more for the eyes to feed on while the message is passed. 

Sales media attention

Undoubtedly, the saying – out of sight is out of mind, is true when it involves the media. A company without media publicity is next an unknown or forgettable company. The mind only remembers what it has seen when in search of a product or service to meet its end goal and when you aren’t within sight with promotional ad videos, you become a long list of companies that people hardly remember, existing in a fickle market with no competition… we know you don’t want that.  

Now, imagine there was a more effective way to make your end users or customers keep their focus on only your product and increase sales.

WAIT!!, there is, so stop thinking. The answer is moving objects. As humans, we are programmed to see moving objects faster and quicker than words or any other form of attention seeking. 

For centuries, the best of the best has utilized this media secret and is still utilizing the media to gain attention, as well as remain in the conversation. So you too can tap into this all-but hidden strategy and get the best video concepts that even Zeus wouldn’t resist. But it doesn’t stop at one or two videos because as quick as people remember your service once it’s in their face, that’s how quickly they forget it when it is not. So you must keep the videos fresh, and come up with more delectable video concepts. Definitely sounds like a lot of work, right? Of course, it is, but that’s why we exist.

After carefully carrying out our users’ / customers’ research to see what they want to see, feel, and know their end goal when in search of your service or product. We exist to become your solution for attention, we provide you with the much-needed moving object attention through ads, motion concepts, and animations. 

Furthermore, we are a proactive media solution provider guaranteed to give you the ATTENTION in this endless pool of rivals/ attention seekers, strategically created and designed to give you LEVERAGE that translates to sales. 


Sales media attention

The answer to that question should be what can’t attention give to my company? A rhetoric title? Yes, it is. Because attention gives it everything in this business of attention seekers. Meaning, you should go to advanced heights to make your attention, the only attention. Let’s paint this better, for instance, a mother of quadruplets has all her children crying at the same time. Clearly, she has to attend to one but which one, since all her children are crying at the same time and seeking attention.  Until kid 1, adds some dramatic effect like rolling in the dip (not Adele’s song). Suddenly kid 1 stands out, just by falling to the ground to roll and signify how much attention he needs.

Likewise, for brands/companies/ businesses, the competition is stiff and everyone is seeking attention, even this article is seeking your attention to be read, so you should be kid 1. Hence the header, but you can’t do the ordinary and expect to be the most talked about, the most watched, or the most wanted, you have to come with the stop and stare effect. 


What is the stop and stare effect? It’s simply defined in literal terms as something or someone that makes you stop and stare, that is, everything else can wait while you stop and stare. A well-detailed marketing ad video gives you the stop and stare effect once you step into the room. Also, you can’t just settle for any flashy/glossy video to get the stop and stare effect. You have to look for one that speaks true to the purpose and existence of your company. 

Firstly, the WHY – why was your company formed? What necessity brought about the existence of your company? When you can genuinely and honestly answer these questions, you will see why you are here and what you should focus on. In turn, you will help us figure out how can we create a video concept to tell the world what you are all about without sparing the limits of our creativity to bring you something that gives the stop and stare effect, as a result. 

Secondly, the HOW – when you know the why, you must then figure out the how. Every business/ company is a solution provider at its core but how you intend to provide that solution to an existing problem, is the how and that’s what your video concepts will tell in the story of your advertisement. 

Finally, when these two questions have been answered without prejudice or bias then we can give you the stop and stare effect that brings exposure. 


Sales media attention

In line with the stop and stare effect, why create a company that sits in your backyard and only your neighbours and family know about it- go big or go home. The competition is for those willing to take giant strides towards proffering solutions to meet consumers’ needs and to get yourself in the faces of people, it’s for those willing to seek attention and the result is exposure. As a result, you have everyone and anyone with your company’s or business’ name on their lips. From catchy catchphrases to relatable but simple video concepts you gain the exposure needed to make your business a household name, that will be passed from generation to generation because that’s what gives businesses longevity – its relevance through generations. We call that constant rebranding. 

Exposure is needed for business as attention is crucial for business because our end goal is sales. 


Although, sales is key for business, equally important, is to know that hoping to achieve sales as a primary objective is a recipe for disaster. 

Why? Because sales are only attached to the performance and satisfaction of a product for your end user. You certainly won’t buy a laptop that didn’t help you achieve your goal regardless of the promotion, attention, or exposure it has out there. So why market a product that falls short of its media promotions?

In addition to that, Steve Jobs said, a product’s design is not how it looks but how it works. Therein lies something we can’t provide your company. For this reason, you should focus on customer satisfaction while we focus on putting your name on everyone’s lips and your visuals on every screen, from laptops to phones to TV, that’s our end goal for your user satisfaction with our services. 

So a quick recap, here’s what we can give you, attention, exposure, stop and stare effect, which leads to sales, and here’s what we can’t give you – customer satisfaction. 

Our idea of a video concept is one that comes as easy to understand, relatable, and story-driven because everyone has a story. So we are here to tell your stories better than you imagined they could be told. 

Equally important, is the fact that every product or service has a story that brought about its existence in the market. What we do, is to find that story and link that story to the demands of your customers after research has been carried out to know what people want from your products.

Again, we come together as a team with spot-on directing, believable storytelling, impeccable research, and amazingly undeniable visual content for public consumption. 

But most importantly, we tell a story, they buy the story, you gain attention, and increase sales. Now, do you still feel you don’t need video production to stand out amongst other attention seekers, or do you think it’s a waste of money? 

The answer to that question lies in the results we bring, and the numbers don’t lie. Our purpose is to make you the media darling with a bombardment of visual content.

Let’s work for you, we are ERONLANX. 

Here are some attention we have created in the media world. Check it out here

Head writer – Ogbuka Belu.

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I weave words together to create an amazing read and a mind-blowing experience. I am still in the business of dropping jaws and leaving mouths ajar with ideas even dreams fail to put together. The name is Ogbuka belu screenwriter/ content creator/ show creator/ ideas guys- with me immortality is an idea away, so let me create for you.

Beluchukwu Ogbuka

I weave words together to create an amazing read and a mind-blowing experience. I am still in the business of dropping jaws and leaving mouths ajar with ideas even dreams fail to put together. The name is Ogbuka belu screenwriter/ content creator/ show creator/ ideas guys- with me immortality is an idea away, so let me create for you.

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