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  • October 23, 2022
  • Beluchukwu Ogbuka
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It’s not just an advert, it’s a language

Shakespeare once said, ” the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely play us”. Meaning even the theatrical performance of our lives doesn’t do enough to depict our lives, yet we try. The media as a tool for business is the closest depiction of our lives, norms, understanding, and more.  Now imagine if you could harness the bare minimum of characters and project them on the largest screen you can find just to say what you want to say, how you want to say it.



Simultaneously, this is exactly what happens when you harness human performances and project it on a big screen. It is what happens when quality video content gets to utilize all platforms available to it. Needless to say, what you get is control.

Although, it’s not the best practice to control the minds of the public because it can be used wrongly. However, the fact remains that the media is a control tool projecting what you see, affecting and reshaping your mindset and the way you think. It subconsciously affects every decision you make and eventually makes you slave to its beck and call.


Media visuals


The power of the media is undeniable, from creating rules to breaking rules, creating norms, sharpening minds, being a forerunner in fashion, and setting trends. Our media is truly a gift of unimaginable cost to humanity.

For this reason, it becomes understandable why so many people spend so much time on the internet looking for where to invest their time. Hence the reason why you should invest in your media publicity. WHY…When told right, you can sell an identity to the world and not get misinterpreted. This is where we come in, we craft, design, construct and create to give you the media identity you seek as a company/brand/business.

We have effectively grown as a team and a family, ready to serve you with a buffet of mouthwatering offers. You don’t just get an advert but a means to control the narrative of your business. At Eronlanx, we convey the message loud and clear for all to see and hear and an identity.

Now, let’s see what makes media content so effective for business. Oh, bear in mind there are four key ingredients that makes the media an effective tool for business.

– Entertainment.
– Inspiration.
– Education. 
– Push.
ENTERTAINMENT – If you have been following us on our weekly articles, you would have noticed common phrases we use at Eronlanx ” we are all attention seekers in the media world and that’s not a bad thing. To entertain is to grab attention, to pull focus to oneself, to stand out or stand in as the case may be. Truthfully, entertainment is relative, but it can’t be argued that entertainment that evokes emotion is relative as well. Once entertainment evokes an emotion (pain, joy, sadness, laughter, anger) then it transcends from motion pictures into something bigger, it becomes a feeling towards something or someone.

Media visuals


Needless to say, once you can make people feel emotions with a body of work, you have them where you want them. However, remember that you need to know what emotions your target audience wants to feel and give it to them.

INSPIRATION – Inspiration is drawn from anywhere and everywhere. The best part is anyone can inspire you but not anyone can inspire you to take an action. Striking the right chord in the heart of a person means you can make them take action. Being inspired without making a change is similar to words with empty promises.

Media visuals


Call To Action- These are words that inspire or motivate you to take a step towards getting what you want. In copywriting they are used to make you click on a link to purchase, to subscribe, or to buy. Likewise, there’s no difference when it comes to a media body of work. It does the same thing, that is, making you take an action.

This is SAM, Sam waited so long to make the right choice. Now his family is in debt after his death. This is JOHN, John banks with us, and we have made plans to secure his family long after his gone. Don’t be like Sam, call us today on ERO0000000.

Do you see the effect when it’s attached to stories of factual events, coupled with the right blend of regret and sympathy? Now imagine the above with visuals, perfect lighting, the right set, and emotional voice-overs that tug on your heart… Don’t you feel inspired to bank with us, that is if we opened a bank today…lol.

EDUCATION– At the core of any good body of media work is a sense of right and wrong. Deep within that sense of right and wrong is an enlightenment of the public that passes key information about what you are, what you do, or what you want people to do for you.

Now that’s the education of the public to know what you do or how to use a new product you have in store.

PUSH– Humans are always in a constant search for identity, purpose, meaning, or finding themselves. When they find themselves, they find what they need. Our job is to make known to them what is missing in the journey to finding themselves. We appeal to their inner child or heart desires, but most importantly, we give them a push in their time of uncertainty.

Media visuals


Ever been to a shoe store, wondering which shoe would look good on you. Which shoe fits or matches your personality. Then someone comes along and says, ” go for the brown, they fit your eyes“. Suddenly the confusion about which shoe fits is gone. All that’s left is certainty and one clear option.

In the world of media, we are that random stranger. We come along and make it all clear amidst the confusion. Most of us need a push and we are here to give you that push with adverts that helps you see what was missing that you didn’t know was just in front of you.

All four are what make the media so effective for business in today’s world. They make it such a handy tool for sales and business campaigns. Adequately, when the right blend of entertainment, inspiration, education, and of course a push is used to tell a story. You are well on your way to creating a media work that drives sales and creates an identity.


As much as the media is a handy tool for sales, it’s also a handy tool for business but what makes it so handy?

There’s a reason why social media is now a go-to platform for businesses.


If superman is faster than a speeding bullet then, the media is faster than superman and that’s still disrespectful to the media. The outreach a visual body of work can give you as a business is next to none. It breaks boundaries, travels through countries, moves through ages and still, it’s untapped, unchanged, and never damaged, what you see, is what you get.

Media visuals


Businesses and companies flock to social media to stay relevant and to gain an audience, but with no media body of work, what do you give the audience?

Social media is the home of CONTENT, hold that last word- CONTENT. Content is the media’s value, it’s its currency given in return for an audience. So, if you need to travel beyond countries you need to create a language that travels in any language.


Media visuals


The first language used in the last line of the last paragraph is a language that we create for you and a language only the media can create for you. It’s a language by which you speak to your customers. Hence the reason why successful brands and businesses have a catchphrase. The catchphrase is the language in which conversations between customers and companies are held. Nike says – just do it, that’s a language in English but it’s also a universal language to customers everywhere to do it, no procrastination, no what’s or maybe.

Many brands know now why media is key for business and understand that it’s not just an advert, it’s a tool that travels to a larger audience anywhere, it’s a language but the best part is it’s an interaction.



Imagine a company going from place to place to tell you about what they offer, or what problem they solve. Effective? Probably but to an extent and the wear and tear will leave your employees with backlogs and sore muscles.

But that’s the interaction between business and customers, the problem is it’s a lot stressful, it can’t be tracked effectively or analyzed.

So the media becomes your best means to interact with your customers in your language. We create languages that allow your customers to know it’s you, with a word or two or logo and that’s how effective an interaction can be.

Interaction with your customers opens up room to a true reflection of the reception from them towards your product, it lets you see what they are saying, what they want to see, and what they don’t want to see.

And for you, the interaction gives a guide, and direction to what products should be in the market, so you don’t run into a drop in sales. Interaction helps you understand your market better than anyone and the most effective way to do this is to utilize the full potential of media, create a media body of work, and harness the powers of the fastest-moving object created thus far.

From interaction to language and more, the media gives all that and more.


Take a look at the samples of our works for reference purposes.




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I weave words together to create an amazing read and a mind-blowing experience. I am still in the business of dropping jaws and leaving mouths ajar with ideas even dreams fail to put together. The name is Ogbuka belu screenwriter/ content creator/ show creator/ ideas guys- with me immortality is an idea away, so let me create for you.

Beluchukwu Ogbuka

I weave words together to create an amazing read and a mind-blowing experience. I am still in the business of dropping jaws and leaving mouths ajar with ideas even dreams fail to put together. The name is Ogbuka belu screenwriter/ content creator/ show creator/ ideas guys- with me immortality is an idea away, so let me create for you.


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