Pitch after pitch, time after time, you have selected a concept and they have gone to create, they have created videos with stunning visuals, amazing camera angles, and crisp sound but the final product coupled with finance spent doesn’t give you or your market something to talk about and all you have is a video lacking inspiration and does not resonate with your target audience… IS THIS BY CHANCE YOU?

Think of it, the best videos or ad concepts from your childhood memories aren’t the ones that had the finest visuals, right? You are probably asking why is this so?… it’s simple, pictures/ camera angles or editing techniques are temporary solutions that are constantly evolving, what was cool years ago will not find a place in today’s pop culture. The solution is emotions – you can forget how people look/ what they said but you never forget how they made you feel.

Businesses do not want video content they need a Solution. A wise man once said, “if you want money create value not open a business” Likewise brands, They believe they want content whereas what they seek is a solution.

What is content?

Content is a creation from thin air, one’s mind or recycled material that could be written, visual, spoken or otherwise) etc. Now that doesn’t explicitly promote a brand, but it is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

What is solution?

Solution is a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation or the answer to a problem. An up-close look at these scenarios from a business/marketing perspective brings us to the conclusion that content is an integral means of solving your business needs.

So what you need as a brand is a SOLUTION before deciding if the content would solve that problem.

Content and social media

In recent years, much of content marketing shifted to video streaming. In 2005, as the oldest of millennials entered college, YouTube came onto the online scene and opened video expression to the masses, and as the company grew, more corporations create their profiles. This presents opportunities for businesses to inspire, evoke emotion and appeal to the needs of their audiences authentically. Your brand is not a stagnant strategy on a piece of paper — you must bring it to life. Video lends electroshock therapy to flatlining marketing strategies and generates a pulse. Your brand evolves continually, and telling that story is important to keep your audience connected and bring in new viewers — who could eventually become loyal customers.


While a large percentage of establishments do not know where to start in video marketing, others think it is too expensive considering the cost of running a video production team, purchasing industry-standard cameras and running a marketing team.

Good news!, with Eronlanx Business Solution, you will leverage our decade of experience in the industry, our credibility, and our expertise as a video production studio to create video content to solve your business need. Let us say, an arm to your marketing team if you already have one.

How it works

Eronlanx Business Solution System allows SMEs and MSMEs to sign up for a service that doesn’t only create a video but solves a business’s need using video content.  We will work with your marketing team to create impactful videos on a budget tailored to meet specific demands. secondly, You do not have to pay for a single video because we realize marketing requires time and consistency. This service is a renewable payment plan for bulk videos ranging from 2 to 4 in a specific period depending on the campaign the company wants to promote. We understand the power of consistency, effective storytelling, the importance of emotional appeal, and the power of colour psychology in brand videos so all these elements will be incorporated into each video to meet your company’s needs. Lastly, we are working on a monthly fixed subscription for this package to enable brands to create impactful videos for top-of-the-mind awareness.


  • Increase sales
  • Reduce the cost of marketing
  • Increase engagement
  • Foster growth
  • Create a strong connection between your Brand and customers
  • Promote top-of-mind awareness
  • Increase customer retention


At Eronlanx Studio, Our mission is to inspire and captivate our clients’ audiences with engaging, and high-quality video content that tells your unique story. We believe that emotions are the key to building strong, sustainable brands, and we are committed to helping our clients create an emotional appeal through visual storytelling.


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