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Up in the sky… it’s a bird, it’s a plane – no it’s just the media. Probably a cheesy intro but you can’t deny it has you wanting to know more about this article that plans to show you how to gain an advantage that creates leverage using visual content. Previously, we spoke about the attention visual aids can provide a business or company. Now let’s focus on how that attention can become an advantage for your business/ company.

Ever wondered why the top brands or companies stay winning even when they have no media works out for viewing in 2,3 years? For instance, the world’s leading cola brand, Coca Cola hardly puts out media works and yet they are still number one. On the flip side, new cola brands are breaking the bank to put out undeniable content but still remain second to arguably the king of cola brands.

The answer- ATTENTION. They have gained your attention through decades of the constant flow of media works, adverts, promotional materials, and motion content. So now they can easily sit and watch your flock to them without saying a word. Additionally, they have gained your loyalty serving and delivering to you what your eyes desire and your thirst requires. More so, they have done this in the capacity of utilizing visual aids to pass their message. Attention is key for business because it puts your business in a prime position to be number one. Also, it gives the customers a sense of expectation. Expectation comes from the previous content, and it sets a standard for your business. So, if previous content hasn’t met expectations, attention is shifted to those willing to meet expectations.

Eventually, when the expectation is high, it pulls all the attention to your business. It’s like everyone turning a blind eye to every business because you have their attention. As a result, you create a gap between you and the competition. This gap becomes your advantage and in turn, it produces leverage. Leverage is maximizing your advantage, that is, exploring every available resource an advantage gives you. However, you can’t leverage when you have no advantage, and you can’t have an advantage when you have no compelling media work. So, you see the connection between leverage, advantage, and visual content.

In the past, commercials and ad materials lacked a straight-to-the-point approach given that TV commercials didn’t last more than a minute. However, these days TV commercials aren’t the only way to go. Moreover, ad materials and promotional content can go from 1- 15mins depending on the nature of the promotion. For example, companies now imbibe documentary style, short story style, and film format promotions. We offer all these services and more.

The content you put out not only gives you an advantage that creates leverage, but it gives you a standard. Essentially a standard sets the tone, and the pace and feeds the expectation of the public. When you hear the name Heineken, you know it’s a standard of champions and champions only means the best. Hence Heineken tells you their standard is one of the champions and they are the best at what they do. Such a perception was made possible by their association with the UEFA champions league.

Although one must remember they didn’t get there by putting in one or two media works, they did it with a constant flow of media works, ad campaigns, branding, and rebranding. So, you see one or two is just not enough and we are here for you to do more than one or two, so you can gain the attention that gives leverage and translates to sales/ company of brand loyalty. In case you forgot who we are, no offense taken, we are a proactive media solutions provider that helps increase your sales through media content, so we are more than just a video production company.

Moving forward, the top comes with a clearer view of what’s at the bottom. It comes with a vantage point. A vantage point gives you leverage to control the outcome. That is, leverage through visual content offers you the ability to take charge and increase sales or brand awareness. In life, some people are born with an unfair advantage but in the media, it’s not so. It’s a whole different ball game. It’s a level playing field, no one gets an advantage because you can’t buy the market. Undoubtedly, you must create the advantage. Creation of advantage comes with consistency; it comes with giving to the audience that which they seek. Constantly putting yourself out there, steadily being a presence in people’s minds.

So how do you create an advantage that gives leverage.

Create earworms.
Create catchphrases.
Build a following.
Feed your following.

CREATE EARWORMS– One of the secrets behind a good commercial is a jingle that sticks. How does a commercial stick and subconsciously play back in the mind of an individual? Simply when it uses easy sing-along tunes, easy to sing, easy to rhyme, it becomes easy to stick. Once that phase has been established you create an earworm. An earworm is a tune or part of a jingle that constantly plays in the head of an individual whether or not they like it. As a result, you gain a step towards an advantage in the media space.

In 1977, the British rock band, Queens created a song titled – we will rock you. In 2004, Pepsi used the Queens – we will rock you for their commercial that featured a host of stars (Britney Spears, Beyonce, and others). This was done because Pepsi knew the song was already an earworm for rock fans and non-rock fans worldwide.  Also, another way to make it stick but we are aware not every brand has room for such luxury with the use of stars.

CREATE A CATCHPHRASE– As the internet becomes more than just a way of life, social media has driven pop culture and languages to shorter forms. Words have started to become shorter and of course, they sound cooler. A catchphrase becomes one of the reasons people would want to associate with your brand. Even movies aren’t left out. The terminator franchise was given an extra selling point advantage with the most famous – you have been terminated. And then after everyone wants one. It’s cool to have cool lines that give an advantage.

BUILD A FOLLOWING– Every brand/ business seeking advantage needs to have a loyal following or fanbase. See this as a good type of cult following, where people religiously look to what you do next, However, a following can only be created with relentless content release with a pre-planned schedule. Humans can’t get enough entertainment; everyone wants to be entertained. Provide the entertainment, provide the content and gain a following.

FEED YOUR FOLLOWING- luckily for you, this is where we come in, to offer content that sells you. We do the job of putting your business out there and feeding your following with the appropriate content they desire.

So you can kick back and watch us create an earworm jingle with a catchphrase to build a following and a reservoir to feed your following. Now you have an advantage.


An advantage is needed in the world of media because everyone is doing it. But as the saying goes ” it’s not how far but how well”. Meaning a bombardment of clueless, non-directional content could leave you with quantity but not quality. The goal isn’t to create a mass of media waste but to deliver quality everything. Simply by adding storytelling for video production that is designed for the right target audience. A story gives more meaning to visual content and helps with a clear direction of what message should be passed.


Leverage gives control, control allows you to feed your following with your company’s visions and dreams. But most importantly, it drives sales. To an extent, customers/ consumers want to be controlled, majority love bandwagon following. Simply because they don’t have to do so much thinking or decision-making, the decisions have been made for them. Subconsciously, many don’t even know the contents they watch controls their lives and decision making and in turn, it gives you a strong hold.


As power is nothing without control, so controls without a firm grip/ stronghold. A stronghold/firm grip is a reassurance of why you are number one. It’s like flexing your muscles at your set time. The premier league has been taken by storm with the name ‘Haaland’ but an off-the-bench showing from CR7, reminded everyone, it’s still CR’s world, we are just living in it.

That’s years of constantly delivering quality of the highest order. Now he only has to remind you with a goal or two. Certainly, that’s a firm grip on the footballing world or soccer for some.

You too can reach such heights and gain control and strongholds that only needs a reminder at your own pace.


Ease and natural happenings occur when things are done at your pace. Delivering at your own pace allows your time to take a few breaks and still be number one.

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It’s time to get LEVERAGE and we are your providers.

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I weave words together to create an amazing read and a mind-blowing experience. I am still in the business of dropping jaws and leaving mouths ajar with ideas even dreams fail to put together. The name is Ogbuka belu screenwriter/ content creator/ show creator/ ideas guys- with me immortality is an idea away, so let me create for you.

Beluchukwu Ogbuka

I weave words together to create an amazing read and a mind-blowing experience. I am still in the business of dropping jaws and leaving mouths ajar with ideas even dreams fail to put together. The name is Ogbuka belu screenwriter/ content creator/ show creator/ ideas guys- with me immortality is an idea away, so let me create for you.


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