Who we are

Eronlanx Studios is a dynamic, full-service video production company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria and working nationwide and beyond the shores of Nigeria.

Our vision is to be a forefront leader in promoting and preserving what it takes to be human in a world of uncertainty using the media and storytelling as a tool in a bid to explore the issues of love, truth, fate, hope, justice, and the Gospel of Universal brotherhood.

Our mission is to use the world’s most effective means- visual storytelling, to create a new narrative of our people’s culture, arts, personality, individuality, norms, dos and don’ts, and our people’s role in the world today. We have chosen to be a forefront leader in pushing forward the African narrative, whilst preserving its rich and vibrant heritage.

Core Values:
Empathy, Respect, Development, Problem-solving, Creativity, Simplicity, Passion, Equality, Fairness, and Volunteering.


We don’t just empathize with the plight of our partners and contractors, we empathize with the public.


Our respect shows in our work ethics and how we deliver our work and our relations to clients.

We invest in a future for our employees and clients through self-development and more.

We were built for this, solving and creating solutions to your media needs.

It runs deep in everything we touch from execution to final outcome.

It’s as simple as ABC with us.


That which keeps us awake fuels us to deliver our best. Storytelling is our passion.


Everyone has a claim to proper production with us.


We create a just and fair environment for everyone.


We don’t just aim to support ourselves but to support the communities around us. And that’s why our core values in deep-rooted in us, in our personality, our fairness, our passion, our empathy, and our development. Our core is US, we are the standards by which we hold ourselves accountable as humans.