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Ever wondered why you do all the heavy lifting as a brand and still your brand doesn’t increase in value? Well, it’s time to figure it out. Let’s help you solve this problem and give you 7 Qualities that makes your brand a valuable brand. Value is the usefulness of something. So, the question is how useful is your brand to its market? Or even better, minus your brand from the equation of the market you do business and what do you think would be missing, what do you think the market will lack? The answer to that question is your value. It’s the answer to your purpose as a brand.

Although, value can increase or decrease. Hence the need to keep increasing your value to your target audience. Keep the numbers going up and watch them surround you like bees on a honeypot. Constantly, evolve and adapt to changing times but never forget your niche. In life, the cemeteries are filled with people who had failed dreams but also people who tried to please all. As a brand, you are no different because you can’t focus on delivering solutions to every problem. You can only focus on your carved-out niche.



Always remember your target audience so you can deliver solutions to their needs. A brand creating an easy lifestyle for stay-at-home moms should know they want something that creates more time for them. They want to do more outside taking care of their kids but not stay too far from their kids. So, such a brand would have to create a balance for them to do both effectively. However, such a brand would also take into consideration that some stay-at-home moms love every minute of being with their kids and would love nothing more. In such cases, it’s important to know how to speak to the target market with understanding. In other words, see the world as a huge bowl of ice cream you can’t finish, scope out a portion and focus on that portion. Know your people and let them know you.

In continuation, you have to be open as a brand to be valued. Understandably as a brand, you should know transparency is key, hide nothing. A valued brand does not hide from its consumers. It’s not shady in its dealings with its consumers. Adequately, your brand should speak to its consumers like humans and not moneybags. Another way to achieve this is to be useful to your target audience.


In creating usefulness always remember it’s not about you it’s about them. Usefulness increases value. Hence, the reason you as a brand is born. The world’s largest search engine effectively displayed its usefulness in its advert tagged “PARISIAN LOVE”. In the advert, Google shows how its users could get back what they love or in some cases lost. But most importantly, how effectively you could find any information on their site. As a result, people’s lives can be improved by using Google to search for information or find love. Likewise, your brand should know what makes it useful to its target audience.

But that’s not all, your brand should find ways to make its product useful by improving the lives of its niche. As stated earlier, when you answer what is lacking with a subtraction of your brand in the market, you will see its usefulness that gives it value.


Presumably, the red color of Santa Claus came from promotional advert campaigns done by Coca-Cola. Additionally, the jolly, laughable fun character of the chubby man that sneaks into chimneys at night to bring gifts was believed to be a creation of Coca-Cola. Although Santa Claus wasn’t pictured first in the Coca-Cola advert wearing red, the character remains synonymous with the brand. That is the power of the media. Inevitably, this moves increased sales and made Coca-Cola’s value double its previous value.

A media look is not just an advert, a logo, or promotional materials, it’s everything that defines you. So, you need a color palette that defines your solution, a design to say your purpose, and stories that sell your brand. Without a doubt, storytelling has become part of creating a valuable brand because it tells the audience how you can improve their lives. Also, it gives a road map for where you have been as a brand and where you are headed. Lucky for you we specialize in the mastery of delivering media looks that defines you as a brand.

What people can’t see; they won’t talk about. Arguably, if the story is told effectively of how you can help with a sprinkle of creative ideas you can increase sales. However, you will also need to personify your brand.


As important as a media look is, also important is a personality. The personification of your brand is crucial to interact with its target audience. Remember, your brand is you and you are your brand, but your brand wasn’t created for you. In essence, the tone, use of words, and emotional intelligence used by your brand are to serve your niche not you. Listen to what they are saying and respond with a personality that cares and understands.

Undeniably, if your target audience is willing to spend their money on your product/services, you should be willing to show you have their best interest in mind. Never compromise on putting your target audience first. For best practice, see them as friends and care for them like family.

But beware your target audience are real people, who have real jobs, real problems, and real needs, not numbers on a screen. So be true to your personality because they will see through the facade if it’s all about the money.


Equally, quality increases value but how do you classify quality? Contrary to the belief that quality lies in the hardware of a product, it’s not completely true. Steadily, brands try to create products with the finest outer look, from added gadgets to slicker body parts. Although a product should indeed look beautiful. It is also true that products should work effectively and with simplicity in design. Meaning, the quality of a product goes beyond what’s on the outside and extends to the inside.

The quality of a product lies more in its design than its look. What is design? It’s simply how a product works. For instance, imagine a diaper brand creating a new line of diapers that looks like a newly built spaceship, but it fails to retain excretory products well. That’s exactly what drops the quality of a brand, never the look of the product. So, focusing on the look as a way to increase quality and become valuable would be a misfire. What you should do is focus on the design, and how it works. Before, thinking of the latest look it should have.

Regardless, understanding the two go hand in hand but how it looks should never be a substitute for how it works.


Inevitably, a decade gone presents a new set of target audiences to make a customer base. That is, every 10 years, people in their 20s become 30s, and their needs, wants, and desires change. Likewise, another set of 20s comes into focus. For instance, an alcohol brand that strictly reads – not for persons under 18, means it. However, at the turn of a new decade, some of the people who couldn’t enjoy the alcohol brand can now enjoy it. On the other hand, those who enjoyed the brand years back may have settled for healthier substitutes.

Now, a brand needs to move effectively with these changing times. A brand must know the ways of the new introductions while preserving old ways. In essence, the core of the brand doesn’t change but its target can. Additionally, the perception is when a brand has lasted from generation to generation, its value increases. Be that as it may, it’s not a perception, it’s true because for a brand to last for so many years and remain relevant, it has to find a way to move with the times and care for customers.


Not every brand looks into this as much as it should be looked into. Most brands focus more on everything listed above and forget to care. Ever been to a grocery store and you buy some groceries to the tune of a million and notice how chatty, lively you are being attended to? Now, the same store, and you buy to the tune of 5 hundred naira and notice how dull, unmoved and sluggish the service becomes. Arguably, both realities are the experiences of paying customers.

As a result, the latter could decide never to shop there again. Similarly, a brand should treat everyone as equal and care for their problems like yours. A brand should ensure that it speaks properly to its niche to become valuable to its niche. Undoubtedly, when your target audience/ customers are treated right, they will see your value apart from the service your brand provides. Remember, it’s not what you said but how you said it. Now that’s 7 qualities that makes your brand a valuable brand.

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I weave words together to create an amazing read and a mind-blowing experience. I am still in the business of dropping jaws and leaving mouths ajar with ideas even dreams fail to put together. The name is Ogbuka belu screenwriter/ content creator/ show creator/ ideas guys- with me immortality is an idea away, so let me create for you.

Beluchukwu Ogbuka

I weave words together to create an amazing read and a mind-blowing experience. I am still in the business of dropping jaws and leaving mouths ajar with ideas even dreams fail to put together. The name is Ogbuka belu screenwriter/ content creator/ show creator/ ideas guys- with me immortality is an idea away, so let me create for you.

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